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Our Story

     from a dream to reality...      

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The production of  NASHE  cosmetics is leaded by a successful Meri and Monika,

two best friends that still as a children were playing in the street with flower petals, creating various "cosmetic products”, then unaware about how the children play will become a reality one day.

With the help of professional assistants, we created a natural cosmetic products line NASHE,

aiming to offer to the targeted market new products

with outstanding quality and original visual identity.

Engagement, hard work, knowledge, and clear vision certainly were paid off.

NASHE is today a synonym for natural, luxurious cosmetics that stands out

with exceptionally large share of high quality natural ingredients that

you will love at first look, smell or touch.

Once bathed by flower fragrances and blessed by the gentle touch of nature, it will become the essential part of your home cosmetic collection and your absolute must have.

All  NASHE products are handmade, completely natural and irresistibly fragranced.

Only the best quality butters, oils and flavors, are used and combined in a unique cosmetic product for best nourishing, hydration and silky touch of your skin.

Butter will pamper your skin, peeling will prepare it for perfect absorption, 

various oils and fragrances will ensure feeling you irresistible.

Bathed with scent, experience the everyday wellness in your own home.

Relax and enjoy all your senses with the benefits provided by these products.

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