Body   Oils

nashe mystique body oil

Mango butter is a rich banquet for the skin, boosting skin’s hydration on all skin’s types

Easily spreading gentle texture

a flower tropical aroma of mango, saffron and sweet apple

Tropical Banquet 


nashe diamond body oil

Gentle butter that deeply nourishes, protects and hydrates dry skin

Prevents formation of stretc hmarks

For normal and dry skin

Wonderful floral summer smell

Calming  and Protecting


nashe for him body oil

Coddle your skin with this ultra-rich butter

50% Shea butter

For extremely dry skin

Completely natural care

Energetic smell of mandarin and vanilla

Filthy Rich

For Him

nashe adorable body oil

Luxury natural ingredients combine the nutrition of argan oil, apricot oil and almond oil. This precious combination encompasses all skin needs: hydration and nutrition.
The quick-drying formula contains Vitamin E and makes your skin elastic, firm and healthy. Flower fragrant notes
will transform care into moments of extreme pleasure.

Fruity  Calming


nashe guilty body oil

The queen of all butters

Light texture and enchanting

scent of freshly pickled magnolia

24 hour hydration

Softens and nourishes dry skin leaving it silky and elastic

Quickly absorbable

The Queen


nashe bamboo body oil

Generates silky moisturized skin after each use

Ideal for dry skin

Skin aging prevention

Gentle creamy structure

Pleasant smell of grapes and Bulgarian roses

Anti Aging


nashe elegance body oil

This delicate butter melts

in your skin leaving it fresh

and full fed

48 hour hydration

For extremely dry skin

Quickly absorbable

Floral fragrance of Camellia, jasmine and patchouli

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